Co-Pilot Backpack


The CoPilot Backpack is a versatile, stylish, multipurpose suit and garment bag for all your business or leisure travel requirements.

For aeroplane travellers, the CoPilot Backpack enables hands free transiting through terminals and can be stowed in the overhead locker. It also works well for train and bus travel, as well as running, walking, cycling or motorcycling- it gives you complete freedom when you’re on the move.

Product Information

Materials: Cordura

Dimensions: 1.3kgs (2.9lbs) rolled: 56 x 25 x 28 cm (22 x 9.8x 11 inches) unrolled: 56 x 106 cm (22 x 41.7 inches) inner tube: 0.35Kgs (0.77lbs) 50 x 22 cm (19.6 x 8.7 inches) cylinder: 20 litres.

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