Leatherwood Honey Tonic Water Syrup


Tonic water syrups designed to complement fine spirits. They are very low in sugar with delicately balanced singular botanicals to complement without overwhelming. Fine spirits deserve a fine tonic.

Leatherwood Honey Tonic Water Syrup will complement floral spirits; if the botanicals in your spirit are primarily herbal or you’re enjoying an ocean gin, this native Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey Tonic is for you.

Mixed at a 1:10 ratio with soda water, this 300 mL bottle will provide 30 serves of tonic water.

Product Information

Ingredients: Naturally sourced quinine (direct from cinchona bark), Tasmanian Leatherwood honey, (a very small amount of) cane sugar, fine Tasmanian water, citric acid. Recyclable glass bottle.
Size: 66mm diameter x 155mm height

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