Mawson Ugg Boots and Slippers


Slippers $79 (both hard and soft sole) and boots $140

Nicky River brand ugg men’s slippers and boots are hand-made in Tasmania’s Huon Valley. Underlay cushioning in sole. Colours are chestnut, chocolate and grey. Made to order.

Mawson Ugg Slippers are available with hard rubber sole or soft leather sole. Wide fitting with good toe room.

Product Information

Materials: A-grade double-faced sheepskin upper and rubber EVA sole. Rubber underlay between the outer sole and the fleece sole.

Sizes: Between ankle and mid-calf height. Available in sizes 4M/5L – 10M.

Also available in:

  • Mawson Ugg Slipper 12 M – $90
  • Mawson Ugg Slipper 13 M – $95
  • Mawson Ugg Boots 12 M – $149
  • Mawson Ugg Boots 13 M – $169

See their website for the full range.

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