Tasmanian Olive Oil Lip Balms


A pure and 100% natural lip balm with citrus natural lime flavour. This olive oil lip balm will nourish and protect your lips with the goodness of organic Babassu Butter, wheatgerm oil and cocoa butter. Milie Organics use raw unrefined Tasmanian beeswax sourced straight from the wilderness to provide a protective barrier, while organic Tasmanian olive oil brings extra hydration and goodness with all the fatty acids and vital omegas. Protect your lips from the elements with 100% pure, petroleum-free balms.

Select from Lime, Tangerine or Tasmanian Peppermint.

Product Information

Ingredients: Tasmanian extra virgin olive oil, Tasmanian raw beeswax, organic babassu butter, organic wheatgerm oil, organic cocoa butter. May contain either lime, tangerine or Tasmanian peppermint oils.
Weight: 4 g each

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